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  • Associate Agreements – Harsh Terms to Watch Out For
    Posted at: 22/03/2019

    You’re ecstatic. You’ve just received a letter confirming an offer of your dream associate position. The contract is enclosed and you are asked to sign and return a copy, demonstrating your acceptance of the post, without delay. Keen to secure the position, you whip out your best fountain pen and prepare to sign on the dotted line – the contract will be back in the post before the days out! But wait. Are you sure the contract reflects what was discussed at interview? Does it confirm where you will be working? Are the financial terms accurate? How quickly will you be able to leave the practice if the unimaginable happens and things don’t work out? Will your dream practice try to restrict your professional activities or withhold your fees after you leave?

  • CPD checklist – What you should do
    Posted at: 22/01/2019

    The first year of the GDC’s enhanced CPD scheme has now come to an end. You will know that the new scheme saw changes to the required number of verifiable CPD hours and a mandatory requirement to have a personal development plan (PDP) in place. 

  • NHS Pension Developments
    Posted at: 23/10/2018

    The NHS (and HSC in Northern Ireland) pension scheme is a generous and secure system to ensure dentists can enjoy an income in retirement.  It offers pension provision to more than 3 million people in the UK. 

  • Referring is a skill
    Posted at: 07/08/2018

    Making a decision on whether to refer a patient can be one of the biggest tests of your judgement. You will know the basic rule that you should refer if you do not have the necessary facilities, experience or expertise to provide the particular care that the patient needs. To assess this requires careful judgement on your part.

  • How to make the most of your employer brand
    Posted at: 23/03/2018

    Over 50% of job seekers use BDJ Jobs to research employers. Here are our top tips for dental practices creating employer profiles. 


  • NHS dentistry facing recruitment crisis
    Posted at: 08/02/2018

    A recruitment crisis for NHS dentists is imminent, and set to deepen access problems across England, according to new data from the British Dental Association (BDA).

  • Relocation Location Location
    Posted at: 24/01/2018

    The need or wish to relocate your practice may arise for a variety of reasons. For example your lease may not be renewed by your landlord or you might not be able to agree new terms. Or you may be planning to expand or refurbish and feel that new premises would be more practical. However, there are many considerations if you want or need to move premises and you must think them all through. 

  • SPONSORED: 2017 Review and Outlook for 2018
    Posted at: 24/01/2018

    Simon Hughes, Managing Director, Christie & Co

    Consolidation has been the key word in the dental sector in 2017. The market remained strong and our agency team completed £90m of transactions in what was a record year. We also undertook over 350 dental practice valuations on behalf of a wide variety of banks, reflecting the appetite to lend to the sector and the high level of deal activity. As in previous years, demand is strongest in London and the South East, the Midlands and the North West, where population density is greatest. Scotland too is consolidating its position as a popular market, with buyers moving north of the border to find better value acquisition opportunities.

  • Connecting the mouth to your body!
    Posted at: 11/12/2017

    How does your mouth affect the rest of your body? Is there a connection?


  • How to obtain the best response from your BDJ Jobs advert
    Posted at: 29/11/2017

    A well-constructed job advert acts like a magnet to help you attract better candidates.