How to get the best out of placing a job ad

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How to get the best out of placing a job ad

Finding the right person for your practice starts with placing the right advert in the right place. A well-constructed job advert acts like a magnet to help you attract better candidates. The job advert you place can promote your employer brand, attract the best recruits and by demonstrating your professionalism may discourage weaker candidates from applying.

Of course you will want the best candidate for the job – who doesn’t – but according to Neeta Udhian, BDA Practice Management Consultant, you shouldn’t rush into it.

‘Sit down and take some time to figure out what your idea of the best candidate looks like. Any job advert is an opportunity to paint a picture of your ideal candidate. Before you write it, draft out the job description and person specification. The more information you give, the more likely the right candidate will find you. Getting it right the first time has huge benefits too. Time, wages and un-necessary staff turnover are all areas the right job advert will take care of’.

The recently re-launched BDJ Jobs website enables recruiters to do this. With more than 7,000 new applications since the re-launch, improved SEO means recruiters can reach out to their target audience more effectively. So how does it work? Classified Advertising Manager, BDJ Portfolio James Richards, discussed the new additions.

‘We have introduced a number of features we believe will benefit recruiters and job-seekers. The biggest change is the benefit to BDA members. If you wish to place an ad, you can get 15% off, which is up to £100. As an additional benefit listings for dental nurses and practice support staff are free. Job seekers can also now apply to your vacancies with ease from their phones.’

In order to get the best response from your job advert, here are James’ and Neeta’s eight key points to bear in mind.

Use a clear job title

‘Think about this in really simplistic terms’, James explained. ‘The fewer words the better. Try to make it something that people would search for. Part time dental hygienist, for example, would be a good listing. It’s clear and unambiguous’.

Include a detailed job description

Neeta said: ‘The job description should confirm the title of the vacancy, its purpose and objectives and the main tasks and responsibilities of the job holder. The person specification identifies the qualifications, level of experience and skills required for the post. These are vital for evaluating candidates when it comes to shortlisting and interviewing.

‘BDJ Jobs will now allow you to include as much information as you want, so go into detail. That way you can be specific with the job description. This gives you the opportunity to list the job satisfaction that can be gained from the role, team camaraderie, opportunities for training or career progression and any other benefits such as treatment for staff or gym membership. Describe the practice environment, you might state that your practice is friendly, family run, busy, a diverse team or fast-paced. The more information, the better.

‘Importantly, tell the applicant what action you want them to take. Once the right candidate has found your advert and decided that you are offering what they are looking for, they need to know how to get in touch. Include an email or postal address and be specific about your requirements. State whether you want the applicant to send in a CV and covering letter or fill in your standard application form. Give a prominent deadline by which they should respond. It may be helpful to provide a telephone number so prospective applicants can call and discuss the role with you before submitting their application. This will provide you with an opportunity to tell the candidate more about the practice and what you can offer as an employer.’

Include location details

An often overlooked area. If you can include the nearest tube or train station in your advert, it is more likely to appeal to the right candidate. James explained: ‘Job seekers can sign up to job alerts that will go straight into their inbox. Every listing is up for 30 days, which gives you a better chance of finding the right candidate.’

Include salary information

‘It’s a good idea to highlight the rate of pay’, Neeta added. ‘You may not wish to fix this until you make a job offer as you may want to make a higher offer in order to attract experienced candidates who may already be in employment, but it important to give an indication in order to attract interest. Sometimes employers make the mistake of omitting crucial information such as salary details when placing adverts!’

Make your advert mobile friendly

BDJ Jobs is now fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices. With 50% of traffic coming from mobile, James believes this is a key element to the new design.

‘The new site allows these job seekers to apply to your jobs with ease from their mobile devices. A recent study found that 30% of job searches are carried out during the daily commute to work and 12% of job seekers applied for jobs from the comfort of their bed.’

Develop your employer brand

I would consider outlining your achievements to potential applicants’, Neeta suggested. ‘If you have been established for a number of years or have a steady and loyal patient base, tell them about it! This shows the candidate that they will be joining a stable and well-known practice. Mention it if you have just had a refurbishment, a modern newly refurbished practice with all the latest gadgets will be appealing to many candidates. Further qualifications that you hold or any awards that the practice has won. You get the idea.’

 ‘Being able to fully customise your ‘recruiter profile’ gives you the chance to build your brand and include Neeta’s points’, James explained. ‘A potential applicant can click on your profile to be met with a practice banner, video content, images and anything you think would benefit you. It adds a different dimension to the previous BDJ Jobs website. This gives applicants the chance to get a look and feel of what you’re about. It could be the difference between their application landing on your desk or someone else’s.’

Search relevance

It goes without saying that if you are looking for someone with experience of the dental industry, a good place to advertise is somewhere where you know individuals with dental experience or those wanting to work in the dental industry will be looking for your jobs. According to Neeta, niche jobs boards such as BDJ Jobs is perfect for these types of vacancies.

The same applies to keywords throughout the advert. Here are some of Neeta’s suggestions for a good ad:

  • The practice has been established for more than 20 years
  • Work is a recently refitted surgery
  • Fully computerised
  • Award winning
  • Experienced team
  • Friendly team
  • Diverse team
  • Develop your career
  • Flexible working hours
  • Patient base of over 4,000 private patients
  • Large/small/busy/friendly
  • Minutes away from transport links
  • Three surgery practice

Remember to be equal

Adverts cannot be discriminatory – the Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. Therefore you must not set requirements for age, gender, race or national origins, sexual orientation, able bodied, marital status or religion in your advertisement. And do not use inappropriate language or wording that might be considered discriminatory, such as describing your ideal candidate as ‘he’ or ‘she’.

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For further information see for the BDA’s advice document Recruiting staff.
Contact the BDJ Jobs team on 0207 843 4729 or email if you have any questions.

Article originally published in the October 2016 issue of BDJ In Practice.


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