How to obtain the best response from your BDJ Jobs advert

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A well-constructed job advert acts like a magnet to help you attract better candidates:

-Make sure the job title is something people will search for. Eg. Associate Dentist

- It is integral that you have a job description, which will form the base of your job advert.
- Detail exactly what the successful candidate will be doing.
- Listing the exact skills and attributes you are looking for, this sends a clear message to job seekers.
- Make sure you use key words that dental job seekers will search for.
- Do not abbreviate words like “Maternity” to “Mat” or “London” to “LDN”.

- Include information about the location. Include detail on transport links, parking and local amenities. This level information will appeal to the right candidate and deter candidates that are not able to commute to your practice.

- A job ad with no indication of salary is a turn off for many candidates.
- A recent study showed that a job ad which did not include salary banding received 30% less applications than the same ad with a salary banding.

- A surprising 12% of job seekers apply for jobs from the comfort of their bed, according to new research from a leading jobs board provider in the UK.
- The study also found 30% of job searches are carried out during the daily commute to work, although few people opt to apply for a job at this time.
- Approximately 50% of the traffic to BDJ Jobs is from mobile.
- Job seekers do not want to read through lots of text on their phone. Be concise. Use bullet points.

- What do you love about your practice?
- Outline your achievements to potential applicants. If you have been established for a number of years or have a steady and loyal patient base, tell job seekers about about it. This shows the candidate that they will be joining a stable and well known practice.
- Have you recently had a refurbishment? A modern newly refurbished practice with all the latest gadgets will be appealing to many candidates.
- Jobseekers don’t just want to know what the role is; they want to know why they should be doing it. What’s in it for them?
- Will they get the chance to work on some really great projects that will make a difference to your patients and your practice? Or perhaps they’ll have the chance to participate in some excellent learning and development programmes where they can really develop their skills and progress?
- Make sure that you sell the role appropriately.

- The algorithm on the BDJ Jobs sorts jobs by relevance to the job seeker’s search keywords. Job Title will be favoured over text within the job description, but if keyword phrases are featured multiple times in the job description this may make a job appear more relevant. For example, if you are advertising for an associate make sure you use “associate”, “dentist” and “dental” in the job description as well as the location.

If you follow this advice you should see an improvement in the number of quality applicants coming through for your jobs.

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