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Many delegates value Tipton Training’s close ties with the City of London Dental School’s Masters degree programme known as ‘MClinDent’.

This fast-track degree partnership means that successful completion of Tipton Training’s dentistry courses can lead to a PG Diploma from the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry(BARD) or British Academy of Dental Implantology(BADI). Delegates with the PG Diploma can register with The City of London Dental School, to facilitate their APL entry into the third year of either the MClinDent Restorative and Cosmetic degree, or the MClinDent Dental Implantology degree.

Student to master

One dentist that has followed this route is Dr Wahab Shakir - who is now one of Tipton Training’s faculty members. After studying at Newcastle University and experiencing life at a private practice in London, Wahab furthered his career by taking on The Restorative Course and The Phantom Head Course at Tipton Training in 2013 and 2014 respectively. What’s more, Wahab was presented with the Best Dentist Award for The Phantom Head Course.

“I completed The Restorative and Phantom Head Courses with Tipton Training. Both courses have changed the way I do dentistry, I would definitely recommend the courses to clinicians at wanting to upgrade their skills. It will take your abilities, understanding and treatment planning to advanced levels,” explains Wahab.

“The courses are strongly rooted in evidence and they provide both the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to treat patients to the best standards. I especially liked the way Paul and the team teach occlusion, TMJ diagnosis, articulators and occlusal splint therapy.

“The courses also had a big positive impact on my monthly salary before I even finished. They gave me the confidence to diagnose and carry out work I would have referred off and not attempted before. Which is great as I started to work solely in a private practice.”

'Not only do I think it's the best training pathway out there, and there appears to be more and more courses setting up daily as we speak run by dentists who have a spare room and turn it into a 'lecture theatre' or 'conference centre' (and Tipton Training has trained most of them) but it's the only one I know of that has this unique pathway between the course, BARD/BADI and MClinDent to make it such an easy transition in your own time to a Masters. So there's the second reason if you needed one to do these courses."

“Further training is obligatory nowadays, especially when moving into private practice. If you need a boost in the world of dentistry, if you want to expand your knowledge and take your operative skills to top-class levels then the Tipton Training Courses are a must,” adds Wahab.

Wahab was one of the first dentists to take advantage of the partnership between Tipton Training and the MClinDent in Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry at the City of London University. He found the conversion process was easy and that the teaching from Paul and the team have helped him prepare for the complex curriculum of the MClinDent.

An excellent industry reputation

Wahab is now passing his expertise to Tipton Training’s latest pool of ambitious delegates and enjoys a reputation that is typical of our lecturers. In particular, Wahab is respected for his knowledge of up to date cosmetic and general dental techniques, in addition to occlusion.

He believes the in-depth knowledge of the available evidence, thorough treatment planning habits and exacting clinical protocols that the Tipton Training courses instil in the delegates are invaluable. This, in turn, helps delegates produce dentistry with a good prognosis and pleasing aesthetic results.

Delegates particularly benefit from Wahab’s ability to advise them of the best ways to produce outstanding restorations and high-quality preparations for (amongst other things) anterior and posterior composites, crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, post and cores and bridges.

Studying dentists can also gain insights into how Wahab uses the principles of occlusion to restore his patient’s worn dentition with the utmost respect for their TMJ, parafunctional habits and any associated pain or tension.



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