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Recruiter name:

• Make sure your recruiter name matches your company name exactly, for example, instead of abbreviating to Balham Dental, use the full name Balham Dental Care.

• Some dental practices have similar names, such as, Spa Dental. If you find there is already a practice on our system with the same name, we recommend you add your location to the recruiter name, e.g. Spa Dental Bristol.


Short description:

• This will appear on the A-Z recruiter listing page and the job details page. In a recent survey, 58% of job seekers confirmed that they had used Recruiter Search.*

• In a similar way to writing a short description for your job postings, you should use this space to summarise the key points and benefits from your full description.

• It is beneficial to include who you are, what you do, and where you are based within the 255 character limit.


Full description:

• You should use this section to provide jobseekers with a detailed view of your practice, promote your brand and the benefits of working with you; and to make yourself stand out from other employers.

• 32% of our audience


How to make your description stand out:

Expand on the basics

• Detail who, what and where you are

• Do you have an outstanding, tenured and friendly team?

• Do you have any customer ratings or offer specialist services?

• Are you in a great location?


Outline your developments

• When did you become established?

• Do you have a steady and loyal patient base?

• Do you own any new equipment or technology?

• Do you have plans to update your practice?


Benefits to the jobseeker

• Do you offer free BDA membership?

• Do you offer quality learning and development programmes?

• Can you include information on upcoming projects the job role will offer?


Video content:

You can include videos on your Employer Profile, for example, testimonial videos from current team members are especially effective with jobseekers.


Contact details:

Include your full contact details to help applicants find you, for example, include your website and this will appear on your page. It’s another way to highlight your company strengths and brand.


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Create your employer profile here:


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