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Finding the right buyer for your services, products, property or education and training starts with placing the right ad in the right place. A well-constructed ad acts like a magnet to help you attract a better audience of buyers. The ad you place can promote your brand and attract an audience likely to purchase. 

The recently launched BDJ Marketplace website enables sellers to do this. With hundreds of successful sales from the site since the launch, improved SEO means sellers can reach out to their target audience more effectively. So how does it work? Head of Client Solutions, James Richards, discussed the features of BDJ Marketplace. 

We’re pleased to unveil the new and improved BDJ Marketplace website. The slicker design makes it easier for dental professionals to find the latest courses, CPD and training as well as practices for sale and property to rent.

Dental professionals can also find the services of specialist accountants, financial and legal experts alongside dental laboratories and specialists for referral patients.

 BDA Members also receive discounts for advertising their used equipment with ads starting from as little as £12.’

 In order to get the best response from your ad, here are 5 key points to bear in mind: 

Use a clear title

‘Think about this in really simplistic terms’, James explained. ‘The fewer words the better. Try to make it something that people would search for.’ Making the title clear and succinct eliminates ambiguity and confusion around what it is you are actually listing, meaning your audience is engaged and interested. 

Include a detailed description

BDJ Marketplace allows you to include as much information and detail as you wish, so go into detail. That way you can be specific with the item you are listing. 

Importantly, tell the buyer what action you want them to take. Once buyers have found your ad and have decided that you are offering what they are looking for, they need to know how to get in touch, whether it be clicking on the contact button or including a phone number in the body of your ad. It might be helpful to provide a telephone number so prospective buyers can call and discuss the item listed in your ad. This will provide you with an opportunity to tell the buyer more about the item. 

Include location details

An often overlooked area. If you can include the nearest tube or train station in your ad, it is more likely to appeal to the right buyer.

Include purchase price

It is a good idea to include a purchase price of the property, product, service or education and training. You may not wish to fix this until you meet with the prospective buyer but in order to attract buyers, it is important to give an indication to attract interest. Sometimes sellers make the mistake of omitting crucial information such as price when placing ads. 

Search relevance

It goes without saying that if you are looking to list an item with relevant to the dental industry, a good place to advertise is somewhere where you know individuals with dental experience or those wanting to work in the dental industry will be looking for your items or services. Niche marketplace sites such as BDJ Marketplace is perfect for these types of listings. 

The same applies to keywords throughout the ad. Use keywords throughout the ad that describe your listing both succinctly and truthfully. 

Click here to place an ad with BDJ Marketplace

Contact the BDJ Marketplace team on 0207 7843 4729 or email if you have any questions. If you have any feedback pertaining to the site, you are able to submit that here.



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