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We have seen such a shift in how information is being shared during these past few weeks of lockdown. We expect this trend to continue evolving, and so the focus for Dentex as a group is how we can further facilitate this shift to better support shared learnings and mentorship across our growing group of 73 practices. Dentists often find it hard to strike a balance between time with patients, ongoing learning and development, and their own personal well-being. This is fundamentally the issue that Dentex tries to resolve for its clinicians – how to enjoy the dentistry they want to practice, without forgoing clinical freedom. We now face a wonderful opportunity through the recent embracing of technology and remote collaboration, to even further the support we provide our practices.


We all witnessed such a surge in online learning during lockdown, and so we have been delighted that Dentex’s webinars series spearheaded by Clinical Director Rahul Doshi, have been such a success. More than 30 sessions hosted over ten weeks with more than 6,000 attendees, it is a tribute to the calibre of our speakers and the value of their imparted learnings and insights. The audience has been predominantly from the UK, but as the series progressed, we were delighted to have attendees from more than 40 different countries around the world. The series was initially designed to facilitate the sharing of clinical knowledge across our group, however we felt compelled to open to the wider dental community free of charge during this challenging and unprecedented time. Topics were generally clinically focused; however, we did also cover broader dental issues such as business models, mental health, customer service and marketing.


Due to popular demand, you can also re-watch two of our previous webinars. Dr Linda Greenwall discussed “Tooth whitening and managing sensitivity”, and Dr Payman Langroudi presented the topic “How to increase Teeth Whitening in your practice”.


As Rahul Doshi, Clinical Director at Dentex, explains: “After seeing the success of our webinar series, we wish to evolve these sessions further by sharing the depth of experience from our outstanding clinicians within Dentex to create online study clubs, online masterclasses and an online annual academy. We’re looking forward to developing more opportunities of sharing knowledge and growth with our team and the dental community”.


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