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Business Continuity Plan Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan.

Use this free business continuity plan to help strategize what your practice and its staff will do should a disaster befall the practice. 

Download the business continuity plan here 


Cash Flow Statement Tool

Preparation of a cash flow forecast will help you with your funding for this difficult period, including assessing your working capital requirements. This free cash flow statement tool can help you plan your budget and manage your cash flow. You will need this to apply for the Government’s Business Interruption 12 month interest free loan.

Download the cash flow statement tool here 


Business Plan Template

Preparation of a business plan will help you with your applications for funding for this difficult period. It can also help you plan your budget and strategize for the future of your business. We have provided a simple business template for you to complete and we can then review this for you. You will need this to apply for the Government’s Business Interruption 12 month interest free loan and probably any type of loan in this climate.

Download the business plan template here 


Email Template to Landlord

Many dental practices will be concerned about rent payments that are due to their landlords. Naturally, every landlord will differ, but it is worth asking your landlord for some leniency in payments. For instance, rather than paying a whole quarter in advance, ask if you can pay monthly just for this uncertain period. They may say yes, they may say no, but no harm in asking.

Please use this template email which we sent to one of our landlords for one of our dental practices - it certainly did the trick!

Just change the amounts and names. Give it a go – you have nothing to lose!

Download the template letter here 


Loans and Asset Provider List

Use this list of commercial finance providers to determine who best to approach if you need financial assistance. 

This table includes points of contacts, what financial documentation they will require and what assistance they are currently providing. 

Download the list here 


For more information on how to survive COVID-19, including more blogs, articles, webinars and downloadable resources, please check our COVID-19 page here 


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