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Car registration number DE21 NTL offers welcome

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  • Posted on:  19/02/2022

The registration DE21 NTL can only be assigned to a '21' registered or newer vehicle (Registered after 1 March 2021). The registration is on a DVLA \certificate, BRAND NEW, can be transferred to a car later.

Car registration numbers like this are extremely rare, they hold their value as they are unique. It took me a long time to get hold of this but owing to a change of circumstances- sports knee injury I am sadly letting it go to someone that loves the DEN TAL world as much as I do. Have fun with it! People will notice it, but it's very subtle which is what I liked about it, and the number is cool.

Please note there is a DVLA transfer fee which is roughly £80 to assign to the car. The car in the image is obviously not included. And you will need to have the registration number made up to a registration plate. The cost of this will depend on the style and quality e.g. 3D

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