BDJ offers us an effective and friendly service every time we advertise our specialist dental courses online and in print. Online advertising has doubled our Web traffic which is a fantastic result! Also we notice a steady increase in a number of course enquires every time we run print adverts and advertorials in BDJ.

Mizrahi Dental Teaching (Oct 2019)

We have been advertising with Nature Publishing Group for several years now and our dedicated account manager and other team members have been on hand to answer any enquires we have had. They continue to help us target our market, advise us when needed and will continue to advertise with them in the future.

Sun Dental Labs (Oct 2019)

Just one day after our advert was published we received a couple of course enquiries.

University of Warwick (Oct 2019)

We are a small, family run manufacturing business and the BDJ have helped us promote our brand within the dental industry by offering us affordable and highly effective advertising options. The BDJ are one of the few magazines within this industry to recognise we are a SME and understand that although we have smaller budgets to work with, we still need to promote our offering to the professional dental market. They have been able to offer us flexible advert sizes to accommodate our budgets and have suggested other ideas including advertorials. We have steadily grown our business using the BDJ Journal. As our business has grown so too has our advertising commitment and although our budgets are small compared to many, the BDJ have continued to provide us with an excellent service and have supported us by offering tailored advertising that is most suited to our business needs.

Meditelle-Dental (Oct 2019)

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